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A power washing technician uses an industrial, skid-mounted pressure washer to steam-clean concrete around a Peoria, AZ hotel. The technician also used a rotating surface cleaner to ensure the deepest clean possible. Power washing the concrete is a great way to clean off dust and caked on mud from recent storms. The technician also cleaned off bird droppings, gum, paint drips, grime, spills and other debris.

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No job is too big or too small. We were hired to help the engineers and general contractors strip the paint off the side of this large warehouse to prep the surface for structural improvements. We had 4 technicians operating 4 industrial pressure washing machines atop 2 boom lifts for 4 days. We also jobs as small as residential driveway’s and back patios to clean up various stains, dirt, and debris.

For a free estimate on your project please call us today at 602.373.1515 or visit us online at http://www.acmepowerwash.com to learn more about us and see more photos like this one.

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Our technicians steam-cleaned and pressure washed all the concrete (driveway, garage, patio, sidewalks, etc.) at this house in Phoenix to remove various stains including oil, rust, paint, hard water stains, etc.

We have two machines on each truck to complete your job in half the time as other pressure washers.

Call us today at 602.373.1515 for a free estimate!

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All Gone.

Pressure washing was all it took to clean up this mess on a driveway and garage floor in Peoria, Arizona. This before and after photo shows the difference pressure washing can make to a residential garage with years of built up stains on the concrete. In this photo you can see spills, grease, paint, tire marks, and years of built up grime. Power washing the surface was able to clean up 99% of the stains, even though concrete is like a giant sponge that soaks everything up. We also cleaned up years of built up oil stains, a hard water stain on the front patio, and grease from a barbecue grill on the back patio. Visit our website to see more before and after photos.

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