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Parking lot cleaning is important for many reasons, in this month’s blog post, we highlight 4 of the biggest reasons to clean and maintain your parking areas.

 1. Image is Everything. People prefer a business with a clean image. Like it or not, the exterior of your property creates a first impression before a customer even sets foot through the front door. The accumulated dirt and trash in your parking lot could adversely affect the image a potential customer has of your products and services. I visited a local restaurant once (once being the operative word) that had a scum-covered front entry. The soles of my shoes stuck to the layer of grime on the concrete. Gross. I will not be back. What message is your parking lot sending about your business?

 2. Dirt = Damage. Dirt, sand, pebbles, and other small debris are abrasive. These materials can result in costly damage to your parking lot as they slowly break down the asphalt surface. Customer traffic and weather, among other activities play a role in the constant grinding down of your parking lot. As it begins to deteriorate, it creates even more damaging materials including small pebbles and loose aggregate. Repairing and resurfacing a parking lot is much more expensive than a recurring sweeping service. Would cleaning your parking lot now be worth the time and money saved in the long run?

 3. Cleanliness Begets Cleanliness. Cleaning your parking lot can work the same as removing graffiti from your walls to prevent further graffiti. People are more likely to treat a clean environment with more respect than a dirty one. If there isn’t a scrap of trash to be seen, a litterer may think twice. Whereas if there are tens of thousands of cigarette butts in your parking lot, what is one more, right?

 4. Pride and Professionalism. Take pride in property ownership. Don’t own? That’s okay, then take pride in your place of business. It will show your community of customers and other business owners that you take your business seriously and value it enough to keep it well maintained. A clean parking lot is inviting and welcoming to a customer. Trashy parking areas make people wonder if they should just keep on driving. Which one is your parking lot?

Learn more about our parking lot cleaning services by visiting us on the Internet at http://www.acmepowerwash.com or calling us at 602-373-1515. We offer sweeping services using versatile and powerful Tymco vacuum street sweepers. To get your parking lot really clean and free from fine dust and larger aggregate we use our large fleet of industrial, skid-mounted power washers and 500-gallon water trailers.


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Our sweeping services include a powerful Tymco210 industrial street sweeper cleaning the parking areas and roadways for apartment complexes, commercial property managers, residential homeowner associations, etc.

Each service includes the use of backpack blowers to manually blow leaves, trash, and debris from attached walkways, dumpster enclosures, and corners of the parking areas.

Each Tymco210 sweeper is equipped with a powerful vacuum head which is capable of picking up leaves, trash, dirt, and debris and a side power broom for curb detailing. Sweepers also use a water system to minimize dust and all sweepers are PM-10 compliant.

Call today for a free estimate!

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Street SweeperThe Elgin Broom Bear is an industrial mechanical-broom sweeper that cleans up leaves, trash, dirt, gravel and debris. It makes an excellent choice for controlling track-out at construction projects and cleaning up roadways and parking lots for property managers and HOA’s.

The full rear broom on these street sweeping machines is what sets them apart from regular vacuum trucks and air sweepers. The broom picks up rocks, gravel, and larger debris that standard sweepers leave behind.

ACME Broom Bear Sweepers use on-board water systems to keep dust down and all our machines comply with PM-10 regulations.

Visit http://www.acmepowerwash.com/sweeping.html to see more photos of our sweepers or call us today at 602.373.1515 to request a free sweeping estimate for your next project.

MCAQD SC1000080

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One of the easiest ways to clean up a large amount of dirt in a brand new parking lot is to hire a sweeping company to come in and clean up the mess.

ACME POWERWASH, INC’s sweepers are Tymco 210 Regenerative Air Sweepers with a side mechanical broom and on-board water system. The brooms and large vaccum head excel at picking up various trash, leaves, dirt and debris. The water system helps keep dust down to a minimum. All sweepers are PM-10 compliant (particulate matter is not allowed to escape into the air). ACME POWERWASH, INC is a registered subcontractor with the Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD).

Two-man crews are typically sent out so one technician can blow or hand sweep sidewalks and other areas that are not accessible by the sweeper.

In addition to construction cleaning, the sweepers also work well for parking lot cleaning at commercial centers, private home associations and communities, parking garages, office complexes, etc.

For more information on the ACME POWERWASH, INC fleet of sweepers please visit their page online at http://www.acmepowerwash.com/sweeping.html or call 602.373.1515 for a free quote.

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Powerwash or Powersweep? Whatever it takes to get the job done right. ACME POWERWASH now has street sweepers to maintain parking lots and parking garages for businesses in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and other surrounding communities.

We maintain parking lots and parking garages for a variety of customers including office complexes, retail strip malls, property management companies, restaurants, hotels, condominiums, etc.

Our street sweepers are available for one time cleanings or daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance programs that will keep your properties looking great. Our sweepers pick up a variety of dirt and debris including trash, leaves, gravel, etc. Sweeping your asphalt and concrete surfaces prolongs the life of your parking area, reducing the frequency of resurfacing and other costly maintenance. Visit our website to learn more about our Parking Lot and Street Sweeping Services at http://www.acmepowerwash.com/sweeping.html.

Or call us at 602.373.1515 for a free estimate!

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After a terrible summer monsoon storm, this parking lot at a Phoenix , Arizona resort was flooded with muddy water. When it dried, it looked like the before photo you see here.

ACME POWERWASH dispatched 4 technicians and two industrial pressure washing machines within an hour of receiving the phone call. Within a couple of hours the parking lot was clean and free from all mud, dirt and debris.

ACME is always available for emergency storm cleaning of residential and commercial properties. Call for more info or to request a free estimate: 602-373-1515.

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We steam cleaned and pressure washed this paver driveway and entry for a business in Phoenix. Once the pavers we clean and dry, we applied a sealant to the paver surface.

Cleaning and sealing pavers can make a dramatic improvement to the appearance of your property.

For a free estimate on having your pavers or concrete cleaned and sealed, please call us at 602.373.1515.

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