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Power washing is used frequently at restaurants because of the high-volume of foot traffic, food related spills, and large quantities of grease. Powerwash technicians can use industrial machines to steam-clean and powerwash all concrete surfaces including sidewalks, entries, handycap ramps, and garbage areas.

Clean concrete and a pristine appearance is one way to establish confidence in your patrons as they approach your restaurant.

Hire a professional powerwash company in AZ. Get a free estimate.


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A team of 3 pressure wash technicians clean the exterior of this 3-story building in Phoenix, Arizona. Technicians cleaned the building to remove large quantities of bird droppings and other dirt/debris. Pigeons had been roosting in the trees nearby and also in the stairwells of the building. The stairwells and all surrounding walkways were chemically treated, steam-cleaned and pressure washed to disinfect any bacteria, mold, or fungus that may have been present in the bird droppings.

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Power Washing Services

Available 24/7/365 for pre-party cleaning or post-barbecue clean-up.

Pool Areas

We use industrial pressure washers to steam-clean concrete, pavers, stone, etc.

Call for a free estimate — 602-373-1515!

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ACME Powerwash uses industrial pressure washers to steam-clean and sanitize outdoor playground equipment, slides, and jungle gyms. The 300 degree steam at 3500 psi kills bacteria, viruses and other germs that may be present on kids play equipment.

For a free estimate or to learn more about pressure washing in Arizona, please call (602) 373-1515 or visit us online at http://www.acmepowerwash.com/.

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